Abus Rock 83/80CS High Security Padlock


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83/80 Padlock: Through Hardened Steel body and Shackle: ABUS Protection Level: 10

Fully restricted ABUS Zolit key section, only available from the The Lock Shop so you can control who has keys: Patented
Each padlock has anti-drill, anti-pick, and anti bump features. These padlocks are only available on the restricted profile key section for maximum security.

The ABUS 83/80 is largest and heaviest duty lock in the ABUS range and one of the best on the market today. The padlock is only available with a high security fully restricted key so no one but you can get keys duplicated, this cylinder also comes with anti drill, anti pick and anti bump features.
The body of this lock is 33mm thick through hardened steel which is the thickest and toughest against attack. The removable shackle diameter is 15mm which is much larger than any other padlock to prevent attack from bolt cutters, saws and angle grinders.

The Abus 83/80 ‘Rock’ is the highest rated CEN 6 closed shackle padlock – it is a true monster of a padlock weighing over 1.3 kg !

For master key options please contact us direct to configure the system to your requirements.

15mm removable closed shackle

Available on protected keys – only you can authorise spare keys to be cut.


  • 2 keys
  • Key retaining
  • Nano Protect rust resistant shackle
  • Hardened Steel body
  • Ball bearing locking
  • Rekeyable design allows for padlock cylinders to be changed when security has been compromised
  • Can be keyed alike or masterkeyed in house for a small charge. Pinning kits are available
  • CEN 6 Insurance Approved


  • Shackle Width: 40mm
  • Shackle Height: 40mm
  • Shackle Diameter: 15mm
  • Overall Width: 80mm
  • Overall Height: 120mm
  • Overall Depth: 32mm

Each padlock cylinder is provided with salt water protection pins to protect against weathering and harsh conditions.

Available Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike & Masterkeyed

Additional information

Weight 1.355 kg

Keyed to Differ, Keyed Alike, Extra Keys


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