Abus Granit Victory 68/12KS/120


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The Abus Granit 68 Victory Lock and Chain combo is an excellent theft deterrent and is ideal to keep your much coveted motorcycle from ending up in the wrong hands. The chain can be looped around any nearby static object and the bolt lock attaches to your brake disc. This can be used as a stand-alone disc lock when you can’t take the chain with you.

  • Strong loop chain with 12mm shackles
  • 14mm steel bolt lock attaches to your brake disc
  • Doubles as stand-alone disc lock
  • Chain, bolt and lock body are made from a special hardened steel
  • The round shape and three-piece construction make it difficult for tools to get a handle on this lock
  • Abus X-Plus cylinder
  • Two keys supplied with the lock, one with LED light
  • Abus Code Card for additional or replacement keys
  • The loop chain system allows you to very efficiently use the chain’s length
  • Ice spray tested
  • Made in Germany
  • Thatcham approved

Tip: Avoid resting your chain on or close to the ground when locked to your bike to give thieves less of a chance.

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